Stay Tuned

Business Coaching has been my career for almost 20 years and I love it! Helping people strategize, whether informally and formally, has been my passion and strength. Adding a dimension to my business where I can offer opportunities to those seeking a change seems natural and cohesive with my strategy.  If you are seeking a way to get your mojo back, gain momentum, or simply looking to become part of a tight-knit community, then this might be for you! Motherhood can be isolating and one thing I know for sure is that communities are important.  Like the family unit, surrounding yourself around like-minded individuals who empower themselves and support each other is so very important in this disconnected world.  So….stay tuned. 2020 is going to be a very different year. Can’t wait!

The Love Language of Laundry

Is there such a thing, I pondered, as my son left for college and announced that he was going to try to do his own laundry after bringing it home once, where I miraculously turned 4 loads around in less than 2 hours? But, yes, there was. In addition to the five love languages that have been written about and my psychologist clients attest to, there seems to be a sixth.  While I’m sure it fits into one of the original five, laundry I realized was the love language that had my name written all over it. After several weeks (ok, maybe a few months) of not having this expressive language at my disposal, I began to wonder what the expression of this language, aka need, would become.  Such a parallel to the necessary pivots we have to make in all facets of our life, whether it be business or personal.  Which segment to market to, which project to begin? There are so many decisions waiting to be made.

So, while I ponder my next love language, in the meantime I have to admit it is freeing to not have this language expression for the moment. And, of course, I will welcome the laundry when it comes home– but in a different way. As an act of love rather than a need to be needed love language expression.

Trusting That All is Well

Or, maybe, as it should be? Often, the next step seems impossibly complicated. Whether to buy that business, get that PhD, or what turn you should take in your business strategy, trusting can be difficult. In the end, my personal experience has proven time and time again that each decision, when evaluated in hindsight, has manifested just the right results. At the right time. In the right way.  This doesn’t mean throwing caution to the wind, but rather trusting your intuition, your experience, and your ability to chart a course that will manifest a win-win for you and everyone with whom you connect.  Let’s face it: Collaborating with the right people, at the right time, and in the right way is not only a manifestation of trusting that all is well, but is the key to true connection.  When true connection is achieved, the sky is the limit with what can be accomplished both personally and professionally.


Fun? On a Business Coaching blog?  Last week I mentioned this word, and to many in the business world, making time for fun seems trivial, even non-essential. Why is it that once we “adult”, we no longer think that fun has a place in our lives? Probably because having fun has a bad reputation, one it definitely doesn’t deserve.

This week I encourage you to do one thing that you consider fun. It might even be something you abandon, like that networking meeting that feels like a chore. Instead, sleep a bit later or use that time to brainstorm about your ideal client, even better if the business ties in with something going on in your life. Killing two birds with one stone – now how fun would that be?

What’s in it for You?

At first, this may sound selfish– I know this is how it resonates with me.  The thought of putting yourself first often feels that way. But the reality is that when you don’t, others suffer as a result. Contemplating what’s in it for you isn’t selfish, but rather a step toward taking responsibility for your own fulfillment.

With this in mind, when formulating your formal or informal 2018 Business Plan, this year perhaps consider:

  • Who do you most enjoy working with?
  • Where can you make a significant difference and impact ?
  • How can you achieve your business goals while having fun in the process?

Yes, I said fun. Next week I’ll explore that further. Until then, make it your best week yet.



My Life Experience for June 2015

Organization can take many forms and there are several recommendations out there.  Finding that many of my life’s vocations are weaved together, I decided to organize my office not by business versus parenting, etc.,  but rather by  subjects.  Among the most important is the shelf where I placed books that I intend to read, or reread in many cases, this summer.  Among my favorites is The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey.  I especially like Part Four, or otherwise entitled “Renewal.”

How are you organizing your life these days?