handsShakingFinal Destinations is as its name implies, a company that helps you figure out where they want to go with your career or business, and builds a roadmap to get there. They have a great deal of experience in the corporate world. M2 Tech Support has benefited from their coaching and process development. Boni Trush does an exceptional job of keeping us on track to meet and exceed our goals. ~ President, M2 Tech Support, Inc.


Due to Boni’s coaching and encouragement, I had the opportunity to step back from my routine and objectively determine what I really wanted to do and accomplish with the rest of my career. She facilitated a process, identifying my skills, talents, and passions, and identified in what capacity they would add the most value to people, organizations, and my own fulfillment. ~ Rande Somma


GOALPic1Because the business world is ever-changing, success has become more of a function of organization and strong marketing than ever before. It was imperative for me, a financial advisor, to master both. I, however, lacked the expertise to effectively do this for myself. As a result, I have employed Boni Trush, of Final Destinations to create and manage these efforts for me. The successes I have enjoyed since then could be quantified by large increases in business, but also in the intangibles, such as tremendous improvements in client satisfaction. All this is accomplished by a few hours a week commitment. ~ VP of a National Brokerage Firm


Final Destinations provides consistent support for my business in the areas of marketing and administration, allowing me to focus on teaching classes. Through the development of a call screening process which is managed by Final Destinations, my stress has been alleviated as I now am informed of incoming business calls on a “need to know” basis. Through our work together, we have also increased follow through with prospective and existing students, which has subsequently allowed me to grow my business. ~ Owner, Dance Studio

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