Bonita Trush, Owner, Final Destinations LLC

Bonita started her corporate career upon graduation from the University of Michigan Dearborn at Merrill Lynch as a Financial Advisor. After successfully building a business and meeting the high-achiever revenue goals, she was recruited five years later into management positions within the food and advertising industries. Bonita’s 20 year corporate career culminated with the start up of Final Destinations, LLC, a coaching business which was founded in 2000.  Having coached hundreds of clients, she brings cross industry experience and knowledge to her clients which allow them to develop creative strategies that give them the edge over their competition. She brings to her clients many years of global as well as specific business and marketing experience developed while working in the following disciplines: marketing, purchasing, sales, project management, operations, team building and executive leadership. 

As a strategy consultant to entrepreneurs and key executives within organizations, Bonita’s primary role is to provide business and marketing strategic planning.  She uses operational coaching strategies that are based upon her corporate experience as well as her MBA in Entrepreneurial Management from Wayne State which she received in 1997. 

Bonita’s clients are comprised of many different types of professionals and businesses. Businesses range in size from individual entrepreneurs to Fortune 100 companies. Examples of her broad client base include the following industries: 

Financial Advising and national Investment firms
Venture Capital
Holistic medicine
Interior Design
Graphic Arts
Motion Graphics
Legal (individual attorneys and law firms)
Medical professionals and institutions
Real Estate
Laser technology industry
Retail industry, single and corporately owned
Franchising, existing and start up
Salons and spas

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